Verbal Flow


This Week – February 7, 2021

Acts of Love: Inspiration from Katherine May's Wintering | Heart Wisdom Meditation | On Being's Interview with J. Drew Lanham, author of Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man’s Love Affair With Nature | Pop-up classes | Mini Immersion Workshop

This Week – January 31

A Verbal Flow from Christa Mastrangelo Joyce based on Katherine May's book, Wintering | Poem excerpt by Amanda Gorman, In This Place | Winter Gratitude

Learning to Winter Well

Wintering. I wondered over the title of the book by Katherine…
The National Mall Inauguration Day 2021

This Week – January 24 2021

The Interior Reflects the Global: Stepping Into Purpose | Story of Precious | Poem by Amanda Gorman, The Hill We Climb | A meditation inspired by Ruth King's Mindful of Race

This Week – Jan 17 2021

A New Story | Writing a new morning story | A Human Story, inspired by Ruth King's Mindful of Race | Loving Kindness Meditation | 2021 Teacher Training Q&A

This Week – January 10 2021

Stillness is the Beginning | Waking up early and Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning | What am I doing for the good of humanity? Inspired by teachings from Jack Kornfield and Thich Nhat Hanh | The poem Dead Stars by Ada Li'mon
Begin at the Center

This Week – Jan 3 2021

Start Your YEAR in Alignment: Begin at the Center | Embracing the liminal period of January and February with a centering meditation
Begin at the Center

Begin at the Center

I have been thinking about something I wrote about a few years ago–The root of the word “December” comes from the Latin word Decem, meaning ten, and was thus named because in the original Roman calendar, December was the tenth month in their calendar that began in March and ended in December.

This Week – Dec 27 2020

Gratitude at the End of a Challenging Year | Gratitude from Christa Mastrangelo Joyce | Poem by Taylor Johnson, Trans Against Nostalgia