This Week – Dec 6 2020

Holding Darkness | Advent, Winter Solstice, inspiration from Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown and Zora Neale Hurston | Posture: Cat Pulling Its Tail | Posture: Virabhadra (warrior 3) | Poem: Clearing by Martha PostlewaitePlaylist (wk 3)

The Power of Story

Myth stories connect us to the deepest parts of our self and of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the thread of collective fears, images, archetypes, passions that run through the unconscious of humanity.

Apologies I’m Releasing

How does it feel to read these words: your body is not an apology. Sonya Renee Taylor, writer and activist, has said just that, and asks the question, what might it feel like to embody radical self-love? When I first read that sentence on the cover of the book, I had two reactions.

Decision Fatigue

As I talked with a wise friend this weekend about how overwhelming…


Often when I step into my daughter’s room hoping to connect…

A Just World

I've been sitting in contemplation this past week and praying…

Inside the Cocoon

I keep seeing butterflies everywhere. First, it was in an…

Liminal Space

I always like to visualize the liminal space as one of a “fertile…

An Invitation to Unifying Presence

Anxiety descends like a fog. Literally, a fog of heavy weight,…