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Like so many of us humans around the world, we at Jala continue to adapt as we learn to not only live, but perhaps even thrive, in a pandemic world.

With the re-opening of the Mellow Space last fall, we solidified our mission to create spaces for union, for community — spaces where all bodies of all sizes, colors, sexes, and beliefs, can come together with the purpose of pressing the pause button long enough to gather our breath, move our bodies, and be in stillness. All so that we can get to know ourselves better and in turn get to know others better – resulting in a community that is more patient, more accepting, and more supportive of each other.

Little did we realize how challenging this mission would be and what questions would emerge. Questions that we would have to wrestle with and answer:

  • What does yoga in a pandemic world look like?
  • How can we practice together while attempting to do no harm?
  • And, how do we continue to build community when everyone feels SO FAR AWAY?

In March, we were so grateful to be able to share classes online but had no idea that we would still be teaching most of our classes online into late summer and into fall and maybe indefinitely. Our teachers have worked hard to learn new technologies, deal with unexpected power and internet outages, and keep their virtual ‘studios’ clean, while also planning classes to inspire and support you on your yogic journey. We THANK YOU for continuing to practice with us and are planning new offerings for the Fall including more outdoor classes and a library of recorded classes that you’ll be able to access anytime.

We hope to see you soon – OUTSIDE & ONLINE!



by Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

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