She’s a wonderful mix of energetic and calm, Heather Crosby a health coach who founded and runs, the colorful collection of plant based recipes and health advice. Heather is also a devoted yoga practitioner. Meeting Heather, it is obvious that she is active and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Her website, YUMUniverse, is a well-organized, creative space that deserved some additional recognition. Read more about Heather below and visit her website for delicious recipes that are detailed with pictures, videos and easy to follow directions. Kudos, Heather!

Tell us about you…who you are, what you’re doing, how you got started, why you are doing what you’re doing…and why you practice yoga.
Hello, I’m Heather Crosby. I’m a designer, branding specialist, plant-based recipe developer, health coach and founder of I’m inspired by all things creative, nature, delicious food, road tripping, gardening, dancing, boxing, the city and the country. I started practicing yoga almost 2 years ago to balance out the constrained, container-ness I was experiencing with boxing training. I have been in love with yoga ever since—it has been an incredible part of my overall wellness journey. It helped me realize that I hadn’t been breathing well, for years! I still have a long way to go, but at least I’m aware now.

Tell us about your vision for the future…
I’ll put my rosey glasses on here and say that I see Americans (and other countries influenced by our Standard American Diet) empowering themselves with the information and resources they need to live happy, healthful lives. I see them informing themselves about the corporations and industries that keep them from optimal wellness. I see people of all shapes and sizes, from all economic backgrounds being brave, accountable and taking control of their own health the way Mother Nature intended—through the “consumption” of inspiring information and the consumption of our natural, unprocessed, biological diet.

Any crazy / funny / silly stories that have occurred on the path.
I’m a big fan of nutrient dense food, and I’ve been consuming it long enough now that I sometimes forget that certain ingredients can be new—and maybe even frightening— for folks. I walk around often with green, unusual drinks, etc., and a long time ago I stopped caring what people thought about it so I could get the nutrition I needed. Anyway, recently, I was working in-house at a design firm and I had a meeting with my team and I brought in a glass bottle filled with a Chia Lavender Lemonade that I made from my site YumUniverse. I didn’t even think twice about it. Eventually, after some sideways glances, my outspoken co-worker Paul said “whatcha got there Heather, sea horse eggs?” Now, Paul is one of those guys that usually has no problem speaking his mind, he’s the light in the room. I laughed and realized that he had been extra quiet for the first few minutes—my little pink drink had him speechless. A miracle, really, but he was spot-on—chia does look like sea horse eggs.

Any particular tip (s) that standout as particularly important for this time of year maybe or just something you want to share.
I urge athletes to give Chia a try, especially this time of year. It’s an incredible hydrator for runners, folks who train outside in the heat or enjoy a hot yoga class. A combination of chia, citrus and honey is the drink of choice for Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians, who run an average of 50 to 100 miles at a time. Chia promotes natural detoxification and due to it’s ability to absorb between 10-12 times its weight in water, it creates a sensation of fullness that can help satisfy hunger. This ability to hold water prolongs hydration and retains electrolytes in body fluids, especially during physical exercise. And yes, these are the same seeds that will grow a furry green ch-ch-ch-chia pet. Only in America would we slather them on a clay pot rather than consume their nutritional power, eh? You can visit for recipes using chia—everything from Cucumber Mint Frescas to Multi-Bean Chili to Raspberry Pudding. Have fun with it.