We herald new beginnings and mark our life’s calendar with the glad tidings that the extra light brings after the winter solstice, the cleansing that winter evokes, and the momentum of starting a new year. 2011. A new year brings with it the possibility of new chances. The image of the new year, a baby, evokes feelings of freshness and of a clean slate. Too often, though, we start our new year like gangbusters. If we hold true to the idea of allowing the new year to begin like a newborn, then sprinting shouldn’t be our goal. Ease into your new possibilities, allowing them to grow on you and yourself to grow into them, so that this time next year, you’ll have created a new life pattern, rather than be reminiscing about what you so wanted to accomplish. We look toward a long, slow race, one that doesn’t demand that we know how to float into Crow pose by the end of January; rather, we offer ourselves the diligence in having a short daily yoga practice and the compassion to know that floating into our arm balances will happen with time and perseverance.

This year I will:

1. Intend daily to be a divinely compassionate being

2. Breathe more fully

3. Experience joy as often as possible

4. Learn to bake really good bread!

Love and joy to you all in the new year to come,