Why do you need yoga? When I first began practicing I thought I was in for some exercise. I admit it, I liked the long, lean look of the yoginis like Shiva Rea and even Christy Turlington (oh, and the male counterparts like Sting weren’t so shabby either). This I thought before I ever stepped foot on a mat. What I’ve discovered since has changed my life. From the first class I took, the benefits were apparent to me. As I continued to practice, I knew that eventually I wanted to teach so that I could share the gifts I’d received.

Yoga is certainly part exercise in that it will lower body fat, normalize weight, improve muscle tone, coordination and balance, and increase strength and resiliency. But yoga is so, so much more. Done regularly, yoga will improve sleep, decrease pain, increase immunity, increase joint range of motion, increase breathing functions, improve circulation, help maintain proper detoxification processes, create sense of well being and calm and thereby improve mood, increase attention and learning efficiency, as well as a host of other wonderful effects. I have learned more about myself through the practice of yoga than I’d ever imagined possible. Now that I am a mom, too, I crave my practice to help me transition through life with two little ones. No matter what life demands of me, if I have my practice I am energized and centered. My teacher liked to say, “Ninety minutes of torture for ninety years of good health.” It is true, our teachers will offer you a good workout. But we also offer a lot of fun, laughter, and love. And when you’re standing strong in Warrior at age 90, you’ll be oh so grateful for your yoga!

Love, Christa