Verbal Flow

A Little Summer Remedy

I began reading about and practicing Ayurveda before I ever touched a yoga mat. It was my poor eating habits and total lack of self-care that led me to a book in Four Seasons book store some 23 years ago, that I discovered as a young under-grad…

Writing Our Own Myth

Cultural myths, like the unique story history we create of our life, become real not because they did or did not happen, but because they convey a symbolic meaning that is concerned with the "transformation of consciousness," as teachers Kaivalya and van der Kooij state in the book Myths of the Asanas. They write, "Yoga and mythology scholar Mircea Eliade...notes that the language of myth does not argue, but simply presents..." They go on to write that, "the myths of yoga's spiritual tradition have the power to change old patterns of behavior, providing us with enlightened insight that brings us closer to who we really are. And this is precisely what the yoga tradition is concerned with."

Be In The Flow

These days, I find myself drawn to teachers whose teaching comes from a place of such deep honesty and of looking inward, that it is clear they have lived, or are living, whatever message they are offering me on the mat. I felt this during a…

Perspective from Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is one of my go-to poses. It helps me feel energized, opening my chest cavity and heart. It helps me cultivate steady, grounded awareness, while I press firmly into my feet and engage my legs. The pose helps lengthen my hamstrings,…

Love in Action

The kind of love I've been contemplating is the kind that sometimes demands action. This kind of love must listen longer and deeper than it may want to without pulling away, rushing ahead, or reacting. This is a kind of actionable love that is a way of being with our self, with others, and with the world that means we have to be willing to stop and rise to whatever occasion is before us during each given moment. The world needs this kind of love. And I have witnessed, of myself, the ways that my yoga practice has given me the skills to grow my edges to meet this kind of love.

Resolve in 2017

I used to begin each new year with a set of resolutions, a plan for making myself new, better, more learned. As if I, or some part of me, were a problem to be solved, I'd establish a firm course of action in order to find a solution to my life...What I've grown to see is that the road of the year ahead is never straight and much of it lies at curves and angles that aren't visible at the start of January. There is indeed checkered light and shadows, and in between lies the colors of a life, waiting to be witnessed if I keep my gaze steady.

Being “In Compassion”

Compassion in yoga is one of the deepest acts of union and love. It is our highest work, erases boundaries, and brings us to a place of connection with ourselves and the world in a deep way. The word in yogic philosophy is Ahimsa, which means…

On Being In The World: Thoughts After Teacher Training

I write this post one week after the 2016 Presidential election. I have wanted to be a clear, steady flame in the winds of change and emotion that are blowing, but I admit I've been working through my own emotions that keep swirling up. Over…

Rooted and Strong

I need a steady mind and healthy body to sustain all that's demanded of me, especially it often seems, at this time of the year. So I adapt. I eat a little differently, sleep a little more, make more space for breath and slow movement in my life. And in doing so, I steady myself for this time when I can potentially use the practice of yoga to examine myself a little more deeply. Eventually, I'll fly again. But for now, I'm pulling inward, becoming watchful, and strengthening my roots for what's required of me.