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Jala Yoga Shepherdstown Winchester

Jala means sacred water. Yoga means union.

Within the practice of yoga there is an element of joining together, realigning that which is meant to flow together. There is an implication of change and the discovery of a more dynamic self.

While we teach multiple levels and styles of yoga, our main style is a flowing, vinyasa yoga that offers the union of body and breath and a connection to the water element that makes up a vast majority of the body. When this flow is accessed, optimal energy, awareness, and joy are found.

Our highly-trained and dedicated teachers are the heart of our yoga community. While every teacher has a unique style of teaching, we all encourage growth in a healthy and loving atmosphere. Yoga has moved each of us teachers to share and give meaning to the practice of yoga through our individual understanding of the practice. Our overarching hope is that you will discover a union between your body and your breath, so that you may become physically more comfortable and mentally more connected. We seek to inspire both the beginner and the seasoned practitioner to live healthier, more balanced lives through a vibrant and welcoming community.

Some of our classes are conducted in a room heated to 85-90 degrees and will offer a physical workout in addition to mental relaxation. Our express classes are designed for those who need a respite before returning to work or life in a short amount of time. We have slower moving Hatha classes, beginner level classes, gentle heated classes, $5 community classes, group meditation and vigorous vinyasa classes. No matter the class, we intend for students to be nurtured, be balanced, and be strong.

It is best to eat lightly, if at all, before a yoga class. We encourage students to bring and drink water and to bring a towel (hand towels are fine). If you forget these items, we do have them on hand to rent or purchase. Wear comfortable clothing, prepare to take off your shoes, turn off your cell phone, and give yourself a brief period of sweaty bliss.

We are close to Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry, WV and within an hour’s drive from Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, Berryville, Leesburg and Winchester, VA, depending on where you are traveling from.

For more information, contact Christa at 401-440-0279 or the studio at info.jalayoga@gmail.com

Schedule a Workshop or Studio Rental

Jala Yoga hosts a variety of workshops by current and visiting teachers. Please contact Christa for more information on scheduling a workshop (or general studio rental) at jalayoga.christa@gmail.com.

To see our current line up of workshops, please go to Workshops and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop!