A Video Verbal Flow from Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Dearest Friends,

Thank you for your continued support during this time of transition and upheaval. We are committed to offering you a comprehensive online schedule so that we can continue to come together in a Space for CommUNITY. As a local business with local teachers, we count on the support of our community to make it possible for us to continue onward. Words can not express our gratitude to you–not only now, but always. It’s been amazing this past week to see each other through this online forum, to discover how connected we still are, to witness your dogs and cats and kids practicing with you, and to remember that no matter where we are physically in the world, our breath and our practices are still ever connected. It’s brought not only me and our teachers joy, but the outpouring of joyful, grateful responses from students has confirmed how needed this connection is to each other and to our own body, now and always.

We are aware of and also working with the financial upheaval of our worldwide crisis. If you find yourself in a challenging financial position, yet want to continue practicing with us in our online classes, please reach out to Christa at 401-440-0279 or by email for assistance.

As we navigate the day to day changes of this situation, we are only putting up 7 days of classes at a time. This will allow us to stay present with the needs of the community and to offer the most up to date classes that meet those needs. Please find the new classes for the upcoming week list on the schedule below. We will update it every Sunday evening.  You will know the class has been updated in MindBody if the room is listed as “Online.”

As we walk through these days together, friends, I pray that you stay well, that our community continue to support one another, and that we remain centered in our hearts, taking one moment at a time. Each moment that fear arises, I place my hand on my heart and I ask myself, what is real right now? In that moment, it is the beat of my heart, the stillness that resides there, the breath moving in and out. This quiet reminder brings me back to center and to resting in a stillness that allows me to respond with Love to the next real moment.

I think of these words by novelist Storm Jameson, “There is only one world, the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive, this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.”

Bless you all dear friends. Know that I am deeply grateful for you and your willingness to brave this new world together.

With love,