200HR Teacher Training

Thank you for your interest in Jala Yoga’s 200-hour certification program. We offer an ever-evolving program, one that is rooted in the lineages of the Hatha, Ayurveda, and Tantra yoga practices, but that continues to grow with our evolution and with the ever-changing world. We are a school of yoga that provides instruction in the 8 Limbs of Yoga, as illuminated by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. We emphasize that yoga is a lifetime practice, one that cannot be embodied in one weekend. Our teachers work to create and support a space in which participants can discover their own path to the practice, and in which they can come together as a compassionate and curious community of students. We believe that all students invested in this rich practice of connection, presence, and gratitude become teachers of yoga, regardless of the “job” you hold.


We ask that applicants to the program be established in the practice of yoga for a minimum of one year and that applicants be willing and able to commit to being present for the scheduled weekends. Attendance and participation in these 8 weekends are the main requirements for the course. One day’s absence is excused. Any additional time missed during training will need to be made up for completion of the 200 hours of training. Hours can be made up by registering for continuing education trainings that we host throughout the year, or by registering for a weekend during the following year of teacher training. One of these weekends is held at a local retreat center, during which the group spends Friday and Saturday nights together. There may be a small additional fee associated with this weekend for food costs. This is a fantastic opportunity for the group to grow their connection to one another, cultivate Karma Yoga skills, and to experience learning in a beautiful setting, with more time to experience the tenets of the practice as a Sangha (a group of spiritual aspirants). Additional requirements include:

  • Attending 2-3 classes per week at the studio, one with lead teacher Christa Mastrangelo Joyce.
  • Contemplating assigned readings and podcasts in order to dive deeper into the philosophy of the practice and to engage in Svadhyaya (self-study). One book is assigned per month, with additional reading assigned from the anatomy text. Other possible means of study come through assigned podcasts or videos.
  • Learning to cultivate a personal home practice of yoga.
  • Observing 3 different yoga classes and noting observations.
  • Observing and offering hands-on assists in 5 different yoga classes.
  • Completing 5 hours of Seva (service) yoga
  • Completing 8-10 homework assignments, 2 Sanskrit quizzes, and 1 final anatomy quiz. One of the Sanskrit quizzes and the anatomy test are take-home offerings.
  • Participating in a final group teaching exercise, in which students teach an assigned sequence to fellow trainees.

Christa and her associate teachers serve as mentors during the training to answer questions and help guide students through the journey. We are a Yoga Alliance recognized school of yoga. Upon completion of the 200 hours of training and the requirements stated, a student may earn a signed certificate that can be submitted to the Yoga Alliance to register as a designated 200-hour recognized teacher. We believe that all students invested in the deep inquiry of this practice become teachers of the practice in the way they live, regardless of whether they are working in a yoga studio. The benefits to you as a student in attending this course include, but are not limited to, gaining additional knowledge of your physical practice that will deepen your ability to practice safely; growing a deeper perspective on philosophy that will allow for greater self-study through yoga; an understanding of subtle body and pranayama that will allow for you to more richly engage in the practice of yoga; gaining a connection to a compassionate community of practitioners (a Sangha) who can support and engage one another along a life-long journey; deepening your ability for gratitude and the ways that a practice of gratitude lessens stress and creates connection. The journey through teacher training is a transformative one. We know this is an important commitment, and we are honored to be part of that journey when the time is right.