Stephanie McKinley

Stephanie McKinley, LCSW RYT 200

Stephanie has moved to the area in 2017 after spending 13 months camping the US with her 9-year-old daughter. Stephanie was first introduced to yoga in her early teens and has practiced off and on since then. She was drawn into the practice by the asanas and quickly realized the healing benefits for her emotional and spiritual life. Stephanie became “busy” with a career in mental health, dedicating her time to creating a healing experience for individuals who experienced trauma in their lives. After finding a love for competitive CrossFit and building an in depth knowledge base of body mechanics and movement patterns she felt it was time to slow life down; a new dream was born. Stephanie saw the space to incorporate her 15 years of work in the mental health field with her love of movement in her yoga teaching and practice. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Dashama Konah, founder of the Pranashama Yoga Institute during a 30 day intensive in Bali and wants to continue her life’s passion to be of service to others and inspire living a life of bliss.