Catherine Harrigan

Catherine describes herself as the “Accidental Yogi”. Her first encounter with yoga came 2 decades ago in the form of a VHS tape she purchased on clearance from Border’s Books in hopes of gaining a little flexibility and grace for the dance classes she took as a Music Theatre major. Post-college, she practiced in fits and spurts around more physical pursuits including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting, and horseback riding. Then, in 2014, her frustration with a protracted battle with Lyme disease called her back to the mat. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was looking for as she contemplated stepping back into practice after a 5 year absence. But the next evening found her in the yoga studio across the street from work; feeling a little awkward as she rolled out her brand new mat. She emerged 90 minutes later sweaty and happy and acutely aware of a profound shift taking place — she believed again in the strength of her body to overcome and heal. She finally completed her RYT-200 training with Christa Mastrangelo Joyce at Jala Yoga in 2019.

A professional singer and teacher of voice for 20+ years, Catherine is passionate (fine, obsessed!) about the role of the breath as the bridge between mind and body allowing us to tap into the more subtle aspects of alignment and biomechanics. She is inspired by the story of the great but hapless yogi, Vikra, who shocked even himself with the sheer magnitude of the power (tapas) he built up through his practice. Catherine believes that yoga is for everyone and every body and that the forms of yoga are as many and diverse as yoga practitioners. Her class offerings are bright, sparkling, and often physically challenging. Fresh explorations of traditional asanas with new movement patterns designed to bring awareness to the subtle body are featured. Catherine encourages each student to stay connected with their body and take what they feel they need from that class on that day and leave the rest. It is her hope that each student leaves her class with a little more tapas than when they started!

Catherine’s Schedule