Our Mission:

To inspire all people to live healthier, more balanced lives through a vibrant and welcoming community.

What is yoga?

To us at Jala, yoga is the practice of physical postures and breath connection to develop strength, balance and ease, both physically and mentally. The yoga practice helps relieve stress in our daily lives as we become physically more comfortable and mentally more connected.

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are many, but some of the most common are:
increased flexibility • increased strength • clearer, more conscious mind • more energy • reduced stress • decrease in pain • better balance • fuller breath

Do I have to be a certain age or fitness level to do yoga?

At Jala, we welcome all. No prior knowledge, fitness level, or flexibility level is required. We believe yoga is good for all ages. Our teachers are well trained to modify the practice for a variety of students and our environment is non-competitive. We want everyone to feel at home from the moment they arrive. In an otherwise stressful world, think of Jala as an oasis for all.

I’m new to yoga and / or I have an injury. What class can I attend?

Welcome! We have many great options for you to start with. As a new member, you can sign up for our new member pass for just $30 for your first 30 days of unlimited yoga. We offer periodic Beginner’s Series classes also that are a great way to start or to refresh your practice if you’re returning after a while. We also have many level 1 classes and classes that are labeled “gentle” or “hatha slo flow.” These classes are ideal for anyone new, injured or who just want to move a slower pace to focus on alignment and breath. The most important thing with an injury is to let your teacher know before class so that he or she can help you to make adjustments to poses or suggest poses to avoid in class.

Do you offer free trial classes?

We have our new member trial for your first 30 days of practice and have many $5 classes that allow students to try out something new for a low cost.

What should I wear? Bring? Know before arriving?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot, so be prepared to remove your shoes (preferably your socks, too, though if you’re uncomfortable with that, just leave them on!) If you have a yoga mat, bring that, a small towel and water. If you forget any of these items, we have everything you need at the studio to either borrow, rent, or purchase for yourself. It’s best to do yoga on an empty stomach, or after eating something light. We ask that you silence your phone and that you arrive on time to minimize distractions in class. If you need to leave early, let the teacher know at the beginning of class.

Where do I park?

In Shepherdstown, there is on street parking or if you’re attending class on the weekends (after 12 on Saturday) or after 5 on weekdays, you may also park in the Jefferson Security Bank parking lot on Washington Street. In Winchester, you may park for free in any of the available Creekside Shopping Center spaces.