About Our Aerial Classes

Aerial yoga is a flowing practice that blends vinyasa (movement/breath based) yoga with support from suspended fabric. Designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds, each silk hammock provides support for postures done on the mat or in the air.

It is highly recommended that you reserve a spot for aerial classes in advance. Drop-ins are welcome, but are not guaranteed a spot as there are limited silks available. Class may be cancelled in the event that there are fewer than 3 people registered. If you need to cancel after registering, we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance so that we may release your spot if there is a waitlist.

Protocol for aerial yoga:
Wear shirts with sleeves that cover armpits; leggings or sweat pants that cover knees; no lotion on hands or body, do not wear jewelry, watches, or zippers and trim toenails to avoid snags in fabric.

“I am so in love with Aerial Yoga. I have frequent low back/spine pain and adding Aerial Yoga to my practice has really helped lengthen and decompress my spine, leaving me pain free. I enjoy learning new ways to practice yoga and increase strength…and the floating Savasana at the end is pure heaven! Jaime is a wonderful teacher and is so helpful. Thank you Jala Yoga for offering such a fantastic class!”
—Carinne Smoot