JALA’S 200HR Teacher Training

Expand your practice and teach what you love! Join a supportive community that nurtures inquiry and investigation. Gain the knowledge, skills, presence and confidence necessary to allow you to become an exceptional and thoughtful teacher of yoga. Deepen your practice by exploring yoga postures, breathing exercises, anatomy and philosophy. Lead others on this path as you connect deeply with yourself, your community, and the world at large.

The 200HR teacher training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and taught by Christa Mastrangelo Joyce, along with advanced guest and assistant teachers.

Enrollment for the 2020 Class has closed but please email Christa for more information and/or to be placed on the waiting list for 2021.

Dates (normally 8 Weekends):

  • 2021 Dates TBD


  • Fridays: 7pm – 8pm
  • Saturdays: 7:00-9:30 AM; 10:30-1:30; 3:30-6:00
  • Sundays: 7:00-9:00AM; 10:00-1:00; 2:30-5:30


  • 45 minute private session online w/ Christa each month in between monthly  training weekends.

Benefits to You as a Yoga Student

The Jala Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training is for all serious students of yoga who want to deepen their practice and learn how to share it with others. We are a school of presence, peace, and community. To us, the heart of the yoga practice is connection–to self, community, gratitude, and to the deeper world around us. Every student invested in living into the philosophy of yoga becomes a teacher of the practice. Whether you choose to teach the practice in a traditional yoga studio or to grow your ability to connect with others in all your current roles, as you transform through the deep inquiry of this work, you’ll create ripples that can change the world around you.

In this training, you will learn to teach not only asana (postures), but also all eight limbs of yoga, including Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. You will learn to teach classes that are a dynamic expression of your personal relationship to the practice, while exploring and honoring the long lineages of the yoga practice. Your life and teaching will become an example that inspires others to live in accordance with the yoga tradition of peace and contentment.

Topics explored in the program:

  • The dialogue and hands-on training to assist, teach and provide modifications for 45 Asanas
  • At least six Pranayama techniques
  • Practicing and teaching meditation
  • Anatomy including exploration of the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems
  • Basic physiology including respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems
  • Principles of sequencing: the order of poses used in the different styles of yoga and with thematic considerations
  • A particular attention to the three broad lineages of Hatha, Ayurveda, and Tantra
  • Readings on mindful eating practices, anatomy and philosophy,subtle body, meditation, classic texts, including the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and modern books by teachers such as Donna Farhi and Matthew Sanford
  • Use of gratitude practices to grow our relationship with presence, connection, and to reduce stress and detrimental stress responses
  • Introduction to the subtle body- Areas of study include the Ida, Pingala, Shushumna, Vayus, and the Seven Chakras
  • Considerations for trauma sensitive yoga
  • Using touch and voice as a teaching tool
  • Embracing your personal yoga and teaching from your center
Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Christa Mastrangelo Joyce

Christa Mastrangelo Joyce is RYT500 certified through Charm City Yoga. Christa began studying yoga and meditation in 2000 to facilitate physical healing, strength and balance in her life. So inspired by the benefits of yoga, she decided to become a teacher to share this experience with others. She began studying with Kim Manfredi in 2005, opened Jala Yoga in 2009, and now has studios in Shepherdstown, Charles Town, and Winchester. Christa has also worked with Shiva Rea, Tom Gillette, Maria Garre, Sadie Nardini, and in the Ashtanga yoga system.

Whitney Ingram

Whitney Ingram

Whitney Ingram, Assistant Teacher, E-RYT 200 RYT 500, has been a yoga practitioner since 2007 and a teacher since 2012. Whitney is a co-teacher for Jala Yoga’s Hatha Yoga 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training as well as a volunteer for the Prison Yoga Project with a focus on fundraising and advocacy. whitneyingramyoga.com

“I have recently been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease in my back which is really just a doctor’s way of saying that I’m getting older and my disks are wearing away which causes me a lot of pain. The only thing that helps and makes it better is yoga. I have found myself practicing at Jala 3-5 times a week and it really has made a difference. I believe this teacher training could really be life changing for me . I have already noticed a huge difference in where my body is able to go and what I am able to do with consistent practice. The opportunity to deepen that to another level is really exciting to me and I know will be very healing to both my mind and body. Yoga has made such a huge difference in my life, not only physically, but it has also really made me more present in my life. I am really looking forward to what this training can do for me and the opportunity to share yoga with others as a teacher.”

—Liz W.

“My experience in the Yoga Teacher Training offered at Jala Yoga has been one of the best! Christa, as an instructor, was fair and compassionate. She paired this with a wealth of knowledge and patience; the entire training was based around wanting the success and further growth of the trainees. We were all encouraged to experiment with our practices and to constantly challenge ourselves with new understandings. If i had the opportunity to take this training again I would. In a heartbeat! In fact, as soon as the 500 hours is offered, I will be practically living at Jala Yoga for the duration!”

—Jocelynne L.